I’m standing at a crossroad,

a decision on my mind,

But all I keep on thinking, 

Is who is by my side?

The dreams that I imagine,

Will I ever see come true?

And who will be there with me?

Can I count on you?

Trusting someone new,

Is the hardest thing to grasp,

Because all I do is think of,

The friends who didn’t last.

I know I shouldn’t doubt myself,

Or view myself as weak,

But I’ve always been a worrier,

It’s a trait ingrained in me.

I want to just step up,

And prove who I can be,

I want to irradicate the judgements

That are always made of me.

So I will stand up,

And prove to you all,

I can be who I want,

I won’t fail or fall. 

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