Why do people get so addicted to movies and tv shows? Well I can’t answer for everyone but personally for me it’s all about the escapism and idealism. Have you ever heard a song or watched a film and literally had goosebumps? I have, multiple times! 

I am a dreamer and I like to live my life through the idea of paradise, To watch a fictional film or tv show and be completely drawn into it, to live vicariously through the world of entertainment, to believe there is that perfect ending to life and love and happiness. 

Every song has a coda, a final melody. Every film has a definitive ending. But what gets me most about films and songs is the words, the lyrics, the inspirational speeches and hidden messages. Take for example Rocky Balboa, the speech Rocky gives his son about lessons in life, thee brutal honesty conveyed is powerful and the message really hits home. 

Personally I’ve found 2 topics that seem to be the subject of the most inspirational speeches, the first is love, when love is involved there seems to be an overwhelming urge for everyone to have their say. The second and probably most powerful, is sport! A film about sport always seems to include a long, motivating and probably very predictable speech. Personally I live for these speeches and I could list quite a few of them, but what I like most is the relatability, it’s always amazed me how someone pretending and playing a role can say something so real and so true to life. 

There is always a song or a show of a movie that I can relate to every aspect of my life and I am honestly thankful for that as it makes me feel like I’m not the only one feeling that way at that time. 


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