What has happened?!?!

The world has changed! I worry about the future we are creating for our children and grandchildren. We are shaping the world into a place I no longer recognise and quite frankly a place I don’t want to be. Everything that has happened this year has made an impact in the lives of the next generation. In my 26 years on this planet I never thought about the impact that we as human beings have, that is until I had a child. When i became a mum my views changed and I started thinking about the world I will be leaving behind for my child and everyone else’s children too. To put it simply, I am disgraced! I am astounded at the string of bad decisions that one race can make. We are shaping the future for the next generation, a generation who do not yet have the right to vote and who do not get a say in the world they are inheriting. The biggest impact of our decisions will be felt by them. The world is no longer a place where I feel safe, it is no longer a place where I feel secure and comfortable letting my child grow up, i fear the future and how it will affect my daughter and I long for the way things should of been. The nation has let me down, i thought we were at a place where things like race, gender, sexual orientation and religious beliefs were no longer an issue, we should be disgraced that we are still judging others by these traits. The world is meant to grow, we are meant to be a united nation! I will not judge others by their standing in life, it makes no difference to me who they marry, where they live, how much they have or what they believe. A person who is rich in life is much more valuable to me than a person who is rich in money. Respect, love, kindness, honesty and loyalty – these are qualities I will raise my daughter to have and most of all I want her to trust that she can always speak her mind whether there are people who disagree or not, her opinion is what matters to her and if people can’t respect that then they are not people she needs in her life. I just hope the nation wakes up and fixes its mistakes before it’s too late! I fear for the way things are going to be in years to come.

3 thoughts on “What has happened?!?!

    1. I do live in England and have kept up to date with what has gone on in the US recently, I think it was the madness over there that inspired my post, but also a lot to do with our own brexit situation earlier in the year. I just fear for what is to come.


      1. The most powerful skill you can teach your daughter is to focus on seeing the positive and good in the world…yes there is ugliness but focusing on the positive is how we correct ugliness….follow in the steps of Buddha, Gandhi, Dahli Lama etc…don’t focus on the fear 😊

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