Who am I?!?

I hate these kinds of questions, it’s like when your at school and the teacher says “We are going to go around the room and say who we are and tell each other something about ourself” I would immediately start searching my brain for something interesting to say about myself but truth be told there isn’t anything extraordinary to say, I’m average and I like being that way!

My names Laura, I’m 26 and a stay at home mum to a gorgeous little girl who is 20 months. I live in a small country village in north east England.

I have always been big on writing, I write nothing and everything, poems, stories and random thoughts. I started this blog as I wanted to branch out from writing in notebooks and would love to have a page for my daughter to read when she’s older, something she can refer back to and know how I felt at the time, or just get to know me a little bit better as I feel that when I write there is a part of myself that comes out in that writing that you wouldn’t normally see face to face. It is my passion! 

Writing, reading, singing and talking these are my hobbies. Also I love all things I shouldn’t: chocolate, coffee, coffee chocolate! 

I hope that through doing the #bloggingfundamentals course that I can understand more about the blogging universe and how to be more creative with my blog. Also I’d love to make new friends and meet people who have the same passions and interest as I do. 

Much love


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