Why do I write? 


Writing is an open form of expressing my opinion and communicating with others, when I put pen to paper I can immediately drown out everything around me and the thoughts flow from my mind as quickly as the ink flows from the pen, in fact, my mind works quicker as I am often thinking 3 sentences ahead and getting myself confused. 

As many of you know, this blog is new to me, however, writing is not. I have been writing diaries and stories and poems for as long as I have had the ability to write. Even when writing blog posts I have a hard copy on paper first as it feels right to me. It makes me open and honest. It leaves me vulnerable as writing is my strongest form of communication but also my biggest weakness. 

With the urge to write comes the stationary addiction! I have very very many notebooks and pens and files and folders full of old poems and stories. I carry a notebook and multiple pens in my handbag at all times as you never know where inspiration may come from.

I want to make this blog as successful as I can so I have signed up for multiple courses on the WordPress university page which zenbaby kindly told me about. If you haven’t already then go and check out their site, such inspiring posts. Today is day 1 of the #everydayinspiration courses and hence the topic of this post.

I hope I have answered the question as best I can in the only way I know how. Do any of you know why you write? Where do you get your biggest inspiration from? 

Much love 


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