Rememberance Sunday! ๐ŸŒ…

I think of them in sadness, I think of them in pride. 

The ones who are still with us, and the ones who sadly died.

The sacrifice they made for us, can never be repayed.

So every year we remember the difference that they made.

The loss of friends and family, each soldier has endured.

They’ve done so with their heads held high and never said a word. 

For these are our unsung heroes, who never do complain. 

They do their job in every weather, the heat, the snow, the rain.

They deserve more recognition for the job they do.

If they hadn’t stood out there, there would be no me or you. 

So say a grateful thank you, and a silent prayer for all.
For we will always remember the ones who take the fall.

I can never express how much respect and pride I have for every member of the military, past and present. The job they do for home and country is probably the hardest job in the world and yet the least rewarded! It is safe to say that I agree when people say they should be paid what footballers get paid and not their minimal wage. 

Take a moment to think of our heroes and the things they have done for us. I’m sure most everyone knows a soldier of some sort. I do, my brother and I’m thankful to him every single day.

Much love x

Lest we forget! 

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