Regret nothing! 

Never live a life of regret because everything you’ve done and everyone you’ve met -whether the experience be good or bad at the time – has shaped you into the person you are right now, so hold your head high and remember that everyone you come across will change your life just that little bit more. 

Every person who walks into your life is in it for a reason. Every broken heart, every bad day, every love or loss is important. 

Taking a look back at the people who have come and gone from my life I could probably list every lesson I’ve learnt from each person and each situation. My pride may have been dented, my heart broken and my trust completely shattered but I feel I have come out the other side completely and utterly stronger. So what if I am a bit more defensive, if it takes me a little bit longer to let the real me show, for people to break through the superficial, cocky, sarcastic side and see the sometimes scared, sometimes insecure person beneath.

 I will find my path in life and I will be the person I set out to be and I will do it with or without the help of others. 

Because if life so far has taught me anything its to always look out for yourself and if people want to be in your life they will make the effort to do so. Until next time…

Much love 


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