Wednesday wonderings 

I often wonder how my life turned out the way it did, not in a bad way, because I am happy, but in an influential way. 

Where would I be now if I had made the slightest bit of an alteration, made a different decision to something small, would it alter my destiny? 

Do I even believe in destiny? I don’t believe in karma, I don’t believe that the good get rewarded and the bad get punished. Justice? Who needs justice in an already unfair world.

 ‘What ifs’ get people nowhere yet we all do it. I’m doing it right now. What if I had got better grades at school? Would I be in a different job right now? What if I had decided to go to the top high school instead of the small secondary school? Would I have more friends? A different life? Different relationship with my family? what if, what if, what if!!

It’s okay asking the what ifs but there’s never gonna be an answer. There is no way of knowing how each decision you make shapes your future. We cannot alter our past so we have to accept it. We have to live with it and hold our heads high, take a deep breath and carry on.

Much love


One thought on “Wednesday wonderings 

  1. Oh those “what ifs” and “If onlys”. Those I address a bit in my post “Such a Wide Net…” and the hindsight of decisions made at each crossroads I address in my post “Into the Woods”. It is a natural human response. I also believe that there is some value to looking back if we are doing so to help determine patterns that we might need to change or to see how far we have come. The seconded guessing is not so helpful. It is when we allow ourselves to become paralyzed and inert by looking backward that we can get stuck.

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