Self improvements 

Never neglect an opportunity for improvement

– Sir William Jones

We all have an area of our life that needs improvement. 

Whether it is, your image, your body, your personality, qualities or even a relationship or friendship. 

I don’t know one person who can honestly sit back and say their life is 100% perfect. But what we need to do instead is be grateful for what we do have.

 Don’t look for the bad in a good situation just look for the good in a bad situation. I can sit and list a lot of stuff that needs improving but at the end of the day what needs improving is my negativity. 

I can compare myself to others, I can look at someone else’s life and say a thousand things that they have and I don’t. But I also have a lot that thousands others don’t. I’m healthy, I’m loved, I have a supportive family, an amazing daughter, the best friends i could ask for and a roof over my head but why am I not satisfied? 

Because simply put, I’m selfish, give me all the riches in the world and I could still tell you something more I want. And what if I want something I can never have? I hate to label myself as a pessimist but in short that’s most probably what I am.

 However vowing to make a change means nothing. Words are simply just that, words. It’s actions that matters, proving yourself, sticking by your word and showing yourself you can change. 

The hardest part of life is accepting what you have and being grateful for it. So that is what I shall do.

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