I’m…perfect! Imperfect? 

Everything is cracked. Everyone is broken. 

Sometimes we do not talk about it, we leave the words unspoken. 

We feel the pressure and burden weighing down on us each day,

Sometimes we try to fool ourselves and believe we’re perfect in every way. 

Nobody is perfect, because perfection isn’t true,

But we are perfectly imperfect versions of me and you. 

So do not try to be perfect, accept your faults as part of you,

When you find someone who loves you for them, you know that love is true. 

Do not hide the cracks or your broken pride,

Be proud to wear your scars, do not run and hide. 

There is someone out there searching, for some comfort and protection,

Reach and guide them through and be their perfect imperfection. 


Much love 


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