Wednesday wonderings 🤔

Who do you want to be? 

Are you the person you dreamed of being? Have you achieved the goals you set out for yourself? Are you content and happy?

The dreams I had for my life as a teenager and young adult are completely different to the dreams I have now. As I changed and grew my dreams and ambitions changed and grew too. I love my daughter, I love my family, I love all my friends, yet I feel unaccomplished, unfinished, unsuccessful and unimportant. I do not set myself New Years resolutions so I will set myself a life resolution…

I will find myself.

I will set out to be the person I want to be. 

Has anyone got any New Years or life resolutions planned? It only takes one person to say they believe in you to know you can achieve it, that one person should be yourself! 

Have faith. 

Much love 


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