Let’s talk about mums! 👩‍👧

Okay so, based on my own personal experience recently I feel I need to talk about something….


Why when you have a child and try to interact with other mums does it suddenly feel like being back at school? 

There are cliques all throughout the mum community and there are your stereotypical people. 

I have found that in the mum groups I have interacted with the following types of people: 

1) The Alpha (aka the leader): this is usually the mum who is the most judgemental, the one who decides who gets to enter the circle, in short they can be a very conniving bully. 

2) The sweet one: the genuinely friendly mum, the one who is only there to make friends and is slightly naive to the whole clique environment.

3)The sidekick: the best friend to the alpha, will seem nice to your face but you cannot guarantee they are the same behind your back, will do anything to please the alpha. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying all mums are this way, there are your genuine everyday regular mums but from my past experience I have come across these 3 types of people at every mum group I have been to. 

I have also met some amazing people at them. 

Just wanted to rant. 

Much love x

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