An active mind.

How do I control, an overactive mind? How do I open up and let someone inside? What do I do when I can’t switch off? When the world keeps turning but it isn’t enough. 

People often tell me, I think about things too much, but I usually feel I haven’t thought enough. 

We only have one life and one chance to shine, I want to make it the best, I want to make it mine. 

I want to make a difference to somebodies life, to erase all the negative, the worries, the strife.  

I want to experience those feelings you read about in books, all of the excitement, the love, the stolen looks. 

I feel like I’m stranded and cannot find the way. All I’m doing is surviving, getting by day to day. 

I do not want to spend my life, feeling incomplete, looking round every corner, wondering who I’ll meet. 

I feel such utter confusion and a mix of feelings all the time, I want to understand myself, I want to free my mind.

I want to cherish the moments and make the most of today but most of all I want to live it my way. 

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