My inner me. πŸ’ž

1. I have an introverted mind, social situations make me awkward and I can sit in a room full of people and feel all alone. 

2. My moods can go from high to low in the blink of an eye and sometimes there is no reason as to why. 

3. I love fiercely, deeply and completely. I will make someone the centre of my world yet never let my guard down all the way.

4. The hurt I’ve been through in the past is enough to make me want to spend my life alone, but I have to let someone in, because I will never get the chance to love again otherwise. 

5. I have so much to say and yet I can’t find the words. I want to open up but don’t know who to trust. 

6. I wish I was better; thinner, prettier, funnier. I want to mean the world to someone, to feel like I’m worth something. 

7. I can have the best day of my life yet when Im at home and I’m by myself my walls can crumble and I can hit rock bottom. 

8. I need someone who knows how to read me, who has the patience to handle my insecurities, who doesn’t mind telling me how much they love me every day for the rest of my life. 

9. I have such a negative view of myself and I’ve always been made to feel ashamed, undervalued and worthless. I wish I could love myself, I wish I could be proud of myself and not look in the mirror and feel defeated. 

10. I can easily put on a front to the people around me, I can smile, I can laugh, I can be bubbly and light and funny yet I can also be crying on the inside. 

11. I try to understand myself day after day, I try to be the person I want to be, but everyday I fall short of being that person and every night I cry. 

12. My life feels like it’s changing for the better and that thought scares me. Letting someone close enough that they have the ability to truly break me, opening up my heart to let them see the real me, the sometimes scared, sometimes broken lost girl who wants to be loved.

13. I feel undeserving of love, like I shouldn’t be loved, I cannot explain why I feel this way, I just do. 

I felt like I needed to share some thoughts and so I wrote this post, I do not know whether I like this post or not but it is honest. 

Much love 


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