She’s not invincible.

She’s not invincible.

She feels the pain.

Your words cut into her.

You hurt her again.

She’s not bulletproof.

She shatters and breaks.

She feels the sting.

Her damaged heart aches.

She wants to let go.

To release all the anger.

She wants to move on.

She wants to be stronger.

She’ll pick herself up.

She’ll dust herself off.

But she’ll never forget.

She’s feeling so lost.

So next time you see her.

With a tear her eye.

Take her and hold her.

Let her know she’ll survive. 

That all of the heartache.

That all of the pain.

It was all worth it.

Herself she’ll regain.

She is now stronger. 

She is now grown. 

She is no longer.

Feeling alone. 

So stop for a moment.

And look all around.

There is always a lost girl.

Waiting to be found. 

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